Friday, December 14, 2007

Clean Your Arteries for $2 a Month

Doesn't artery plaques contain cholesterol? Yes, they do, but lowering your cholestrol
will not clean them out. EDTA chelation can do it, but the treatments cost thousands of dollars.

"Oral chelation" pills cost somewhat less, but I haven't found them to be effective. The real solution is laughably simple and cheap.

Make artery plaques melt away. All you need to do is lower the melting temperature of the hardened cholestrol. Then it desolves back into your blood and literally washes away. Happily, you can do this with an absurdly affordable natural substance.

A three month supply costs about $6. It is called LECITHIN, and it is sold at health food stores all over America.

The reason it works so well, is because every cholestrol particle contains lecithin and cholestrol becomes soluble in the bloodstream only when enough lecithin is present. Maybe you have heard that "good" HDL cholestrol can help to scrub out your arteries. That's because HDL particles contain more Lecithin than LDL particles.

reprinted from ALTERNATIVES published by Mountain Home Publishing POBox 2000 Ranson, WV 25438-2000 and the articles are written by Dr. David G Williams a Texas ranch owner and world renowned Scientist.


Anonymous said...

Hi Scott: I read the blog on Lecithin.....My husband and I take lecithin every day in our soy milk. His cholesterol went from 247 to 166.
I know other people who have lowered their cholesterol by taking lecithin. It might work for some and not for is worth a try.
Have a great day.....Mariande Paula, Torrance, California

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this.

What is the daily Dosage?

Anonymous said...

The daily dose of Lecithin is a 1361 mg softgel.

daphne said...

My heart and arteries thank you! I know what I'll be buying on Saturday......

Anonymous said...

Hi, I have been taking Lecithin at the rate of 1200 mg daily since Nov 6 2005. It helped clean my carotid artery on thr right side of my neck from over 80 percent blocked to 65 percent on January 16 of 2008 when they did the operation to clean it out. Recently I have increased the dosage to two 1200 gel tabs one in the morning and one in the evening with a full glass of water. The Doctor had me taking Vytorin and I had dieara 60 timess on Christmas day 2004. The emergency doctor on duty told me to stop taking the Vytorin. My phArmist at Walgreens told me she had taken lecithin for 4 months and it lowered her cholestoral 98 points in just 4 months so I started taking it. I cut one 10 mg tab of crestor in half but it is causinmg problems with my liver and hurts my shoulders and hands so I will ask my doctor if I can stop taking it Dec 1 of this year when I see him next. Ed Behm Melbourne Florida

Anonymous said...

thanks again for posting this information.

Edward S _Hoss_ Bumgarner said...

I thank all of you for posting your comments to my blog. I don't always write my blogs, but this blog is used for passing on information that I feel everyone has a right to read. I too take the Lecithin, and it keeps my blood pressure down. I average about 123/70 most of the time, and I am a large type person, of 340 lbs. So it really helps me, and I am glad that it helps you all, also.